2019 best web hosting for small business

2019 best web hosting for small business

We search on 2019 best web hosting for small business. choices your best Option and start a website.


Every business wants an internet site, however finding the correct website hosting package is not straightforward. several plans are targeted primarily reception users and do not have the facility that companies would like.

Take email, for example. we have seen hosting plans provide as few as 5 email addresses for an internet site, and with inboxes restricted to some hundred megabytes, that’s doubtless a serious issue for any business. make sure to examine out the e-mail specs of any hosting set up before you sign in.

An SSL certificate may be a must-have lately for any skilled or business website, however, these are not enclosed with each setup. as luck would have it, they do not have to be compelled to be pricey. several hosts currently provide free SSL certificates from the web Security analysis Group’s Let’s write the project, and through internet stores would possibly like one thing a lot of, these are absolutely adequate for normal sites.

Business websites cannot afford to fail – ever – therefore responsibility is essential. select a Virtual non-public Server (VPS) or dedicated hosting set up, if you’ll be able to afford it, to avoid the hassles of shared servers. rummage around for support that may be accessed at speed with phone and live chat obtainable, furthermore as emails and tickets. you’ll likely need a set up that has machine-driven backups, too, however that is associated other space wherever you’ll have to examine the tiny print: backups are usually an elective additional.

Think about associate upgrade path, too, particularly if you are beginning with a basic shared hosting set up. If your business grows then your website wants may additionally expand, and it’ll build your life a lot of easier if your chosen host has the add-ons and extras to cope.

There’s a heap to trust, however as luck would have it, there also are some wonderful hosting suppliers around that perceive precisely what little businesses would like. during this article, we’ve highlighted 5 internet hosts WHO have one thing to supply everybody, from the tiniest home business to demanding company users.

We’ve highlighted the simplest website hosting services

1. DreamHost

Business-friendly options for a pocket-friendly value

DreamHost Shared Starter
DreamHost Shared Unlimited


At Dreamhost
Unlimited information measure, emails, websitesFree SSLWide vary of plans
Shared hosting is slower and fewer reliable than VPS and dedicated plans, however, it’s still absolutely adequate for several straightforward websites, and also the best plans can handle all the most business wants.

DreamHost’s shared hosting set up scores well on the basics. There aren’t any limits on information measure, emails or MySQL databases. Your website is secured by a free Let’s write SSL certificate, and preinstalled WordPress permits you to urge a top quality website up and running in a day – and SSD storage as customary can keep performance high.

Handy extras embody the power to host unlimited domains from one account. And during a nice bit, DreamHost does not simply provide a free name with every shared hosting set up (except the monthly plan): there is free privacy protection, too. If you’ve got registered a website while not that, and been inundated with emails and phone calls from ‘website designers’ and various scammers, you may shrewdness valuable that may be.

It’s a sturdy well-rounded package, however, if you wish a lot of, DreamHost additionally offers everything from managed WordPress and WooCommerce, to VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting plans.

Billing is versatile. you’ll be able to avoid long contracts by sign language up for monthly asking, that prices $10.95 (£7.80) a month for shared hosting. select the three-year setup and also the value drops to $7.95 (£5.70) a month, though. do not be deferred by the longer term: DreamHost merchandise are protected by an associate exceptional 97-day money-back guarantee, therefore there is lots of time to check the service for yourself.

DreamHost internet Hosting for $2.59 per month

2. HostGator

High-powered cloud hosting from a prime supplier

HostGator offspring Cloud
HostGator Baby Cloud
Hostgator Business Cloud


Speedy cloud hostingGood valuePrivate SSL enclosed
Cloud hosting may be a good technology that spreads your website content across multiple devices, rising redundancy and dashing upload times. It’s a stimulating plan that has several business edges, however, if you select sagely, you’ll be able to strive it out for fewer than the value of some shared hosting merchandise.

HostGator’s Business Cloud, for example, delivers on the business basics with support for unlimited websites, unmetered storage and information measure, and a non-public SSL certificate.

As this is often a cloud set up, 3 reflected copies of your website are unfolding across multiple devices. If there is a hardware failure, your website will straight off be switched to a different server.

All HostGator cloud plans provide you with shared access to an outlined level of system resources (CPU time and RAM). Another advantage of cloud hosting is that you just should purchase a lot of those and see the profit straight off, with no time period or long migrations needed.

The high-end options continue with a distributed Varnish caching setup to accelerate the loading of your static content, liberating up RAM and central processor time for manufacturing dynamic content.

Despite all this practicality, HostGator’s Business set up is fairly priced at $9.95 (£7.10) a month for up to thirty-six months, $17.95 (£12.80) on renewal.

Optional extras also are sensible worth, with CodeGuard’s daily backups obtainable for $2 (£1.45) a month, and SiteLock’s malware scanning service is barely $1.67 (£1.20). we have seen different hosts charge 2 or 3 times the maximum amount for similar practicality.

While we’ve highlighted HostGator’s cloud plans here, as a stimulating improvement on regular shared hosting, the corporate additionally provides managed WordPress hosting, sensible worth VPS packages, dedicated servers and a lot of. There extremely are a few things here for everybody.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting for $4.95 per month

3. GoDaddy Business Hosting

More hosting power, less technical hassles

GoDaddy Launch
GoDaddy Enhance
GoDaddy Grow


Resources dedicated to your site easy to line up and manage above-average costs
Most business hosting merchandise is targeted on power and practicality on top of simple use. that is not a retardant if you recognize what you are doing, however, little businesses do not continually have the technical experience to manage this sort of hosting, and it may take quite it slow and energy to work out however the service works.

GoDaddy Business Hosting may be a hybrid product that aims to supply the dedicated resources and similar performance to Virtual non-public Server (VPS) hosting, with the simplified cPanel-style management of a shared hosting service.

GoDaddy’s baseline Launch set up provides you 2GB RAM, one central processor and 60GB of storage, for example. These resources are entirely for the employment of your website, that ought to provide you with improved and a lot of consistent website performance, despite what is going on with different sites hosted on your server.

Restrictions elsewhere ar unbroken to a minimum, with support for unlimited websites, databases and emails, and unmetered information measure. (‘Unmetered’ suggests that there is not any mounted limit, however, GoDaddy reserves the correct to complain if your website is hogging resources.)

There’s an SSL certificate thrown into the combo, and GoDaddy has enclosed an annual, one-user subscription to Microsoft workplace 365 Business Email.

GoDaddy’s Enhance set up is offered for $49.99 (£39.50) a month, renews at identical value. The Grow set up provides you three CPUs, 6GB RAM and 120GB of storage for $69.99 (£55.30) a month, renews at identical value. The high-end Expand set up (which is for resource serious sites) will increase RAM to 8GB and storage to 150GB, with four CPUs. the worth is – $99.99 (£79) a month, same on renewal.

Overall, the variable may be a very little dearer than some VPS merchandise, however, if you are looking for a simple setup and easier website management, GoDaddy may well be price a glance.

GoDaddy Business Hosting for $20.99 per month

4. Liquid Web

Is VPS hosting the simplest alternative for you?

Cloud VPS Hosting 2GB
Cloud VPS Hosting 4GB
Cloud VPS Hosting 8GB


at Liquid internet
Lots of featuresUltra-configurableExcellent support
Basic shared, cloud and similar hosting plans are straightforward to use and may deliver sensible performance, however, they additionally limit your management over the server setting. you cannot value more highly to install Windows, for example, or do the rest that will have an effect on different websites hosted on the identical server.

Virtual non-public Servers (VPS) are isolated environments that you’ll be able to tweak, modify and customize but you wish. As a bonus, you furthermore may get central processor time and RAM allotted only for you, rising each performance and stability.

Liquid Web’s starter VPS product provides you 2 CPUs, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD house and 10TB information measure, for example, and is priced from $59 (£42) a month.

Some hosts have cheaper VPS plans, however, that is actually because specifications are cut to the vacant minimum. Liquid internet takes a  lot of honest approaches, with even the foremost basic plans together with things that ar usually indictable extras elsewhere. as an example, that $59 gets you constitutional backups, Gigabit transfers, unlimited sites, a fervent science address, CloudFlare CDN, DDoS protection, antivirus, antispam, cPanel/WHM or Plesk chalcedony, and more.

All VPS plans are extremely configurable, with UNIX system choices together with CentOS six, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian eight, and high-level plans support Windows Server 2012 and 2016.

Whatever you are putting in can embody server management by default, which suggests Liquid internet can handle maintenance tasks like software system updates. Proactive system observance permits the corporate to observe and fix some issues before you even notice them, and speedy, responsive 24x7x365 support can assist you with the rest.

Factor in the 100% period of time guarantee and generous service level agreements and Liquid internet includes a heap of business hosting attractiveness.

Liquid internet Cloud VPS Hosting for $29.50 per month

5. OVH

Other hosts do not have the facility you need? Check this out

OVH skilled Hosting


at OVH
20+ information centersExpert-level choices and extrasConfusing vary of plans
Dedicated server plans ar the highest of the quality hosting tree. rather than sharing resources with others, you get the complete system to yourself, making certain the simplest attainable performance and responsibility.

The OVH dedicated hosting vary has many edges, and these begin with its alternative of information centers. whereas different suppliers will usually host your website in barely 2 or 3 locations, OVH includes a much more international reach, with centers obtainable in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Singapore and also the Britain. Hosting the positioning nearer to your target market can improve performance all on its own.

Configurability is another highlight. operative systems supported embody CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, Gentoo, Slackware, ArchLinux, OpenSUSE, Fedora, FreeBSD, SmartOS, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, SQL Server, VMware, Citrix Xen, Hyper-V Server and a lot of.

Advanced choices embody support for NVMe, non-volatile memory-based storage which may be 5 times quicker than SSD.

Prices ar cheap, particularly considering the vary of functions on provide. you’ll be able to get a really capable system for between $74-$137 (£56-£104) annually, and there is lots of additional power obtainable if you wish it.

If there is a difficulty here, it is the OVH website, that will a poor job of presenting your choices. Their ar too several baseline server configurations, they are poorly organized, and it’s onerous to seek out what you wish or comprehend your configuration decisions.

We found our manner round the product vary eventually, though, and overall, OVH’s in-depth set of options and information centers build it a must-see for demanding business users.

OVH for $7.50 per month

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