4 Simple Ways To Skip Ads On YouTube

4 Simple Ways To Skip Ads On YouTube

Everyone is facing one huge trouble these days while viewing YouTube videos and that is Ads. Instead of watching the video we want to, we are watching more video ads.

A lot of time of the viewer is wasted while watching video ads just prior to the start of the actual video. This is one of the prime reason, why the viewers are getting irritated of these YouTube videos.

Users are literally made to look at these ads when they really do not want to. We really need ways by which we can skip these ads and view our video without unnecessary pop-ups of ads.

There are classes of videos which can be omitted or rejected once some amount of ad is played, usually five seconds. However, there are some videos are there which do not have the option to be skipped creating further harassment for users. Sometimes users are fed up of these YouTube videos, the prime reason being video ads.

Following is the list of ways by which one can filter ads and watch an ad-free video. These ways enhance the experience of video watching thus making it a happier experience. Bypassing ads can be performed in the following ways:

1. Best Way to Avoid Ads

A lovely way out of this issue of video ads creating trouble for users is the extension provided by Google Chrome with the name ‘Skip Ads On YouTube’. Youtube gets a blue button on its video panel. Users just need to click that blue button when they want to skip an ad while watching their favorite video. There is one limitation to this solution and that is it can work only with YouTube. It is not functional with any third party websites. However, this does not stop it from being one of the best ways of handling this problem.
This extension is offered for $4. Downloading and installing this extension ‘Skip Ads On YouTube’ can prove to be of immense help to the users. It is available on the official web store of Google Chrome.

2. Google Chrome has Options for YouTube

YouTube Options for Google Chrome provides a solution by hiding the video ads. Besides that, the annotations are also hidden. This is another way of avoiding the problem of ads on YouTube videos. Hiding is just another great technique to spare users from watching unnecessary ads.

3. Pressing F5 Comes for Rescue

Pressing F5 is another good alternative for avoiding video ads. The video page gets reloaded on pressing F5. This time after the refresh, the actual video gets started directly and the advertisement part is no more played. Consequently, it becomes the simplest way of tackling this trouble.

4. Firefox too Can Block Ads

By using TubeStop we can block YouTube video ads. TubeStop is actually an extension for Mozilla Firefox. It stops the automatic playing of videos. Stopping auto playback of videos makes sure that the viewer is not forced to watch ads. This is one of the best techniques by which this big problem of ads can be avoided.

TubeStop can be downloaded and installed from the Add-ons store of Mozilla. Firefox users can do so directly and get the latest version of the TubeStop.

The above list mentions some of the best ways by which users can be spared of this huge problem. These days YouTube videos are of real help to many people. We cannot let these ads create a hindrance between the YouTube videos and us which aids us in many aspects of life. Hence, we shall continue watching YouTube videos keeping in mind the above list which will help us largely.

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