Behind the Screen Game of Thrones’ Sound Team Featured in Podcast

Onnalee Blank and Tim Kimmel share recollections of working on the series and discuss their nominated episode, "The Long Night."

Behind the Screen Game of Thrones

Two members of Game of Thrones’ sound team — the series is Emmy nominated for both sound editing and mixing — are the guests on a new episode of The Hollywood Reporter’s Behind the Screen.

During the conversation, re-recording mixer Onnalee Blank, who won four prior Emmys for the series, and sound supervisor Tim Kimmel, who has one prior Emmy win, detail their work on the nominated episode “The Long Night” and share stories of working on the series.

“The Long Night” features the epic battle at Winterfell, involving the chaos of battle, the dragons—and giant, which included vocalizations by Kimmel, who demonstrates this sound.

Kimmel and Blank relate that they would sometimes add jokes to play for the producers. D.B. Weiss “is a metalhead like myself. When the bells were ringing in King’s Landing in Episode 5, we took out the real bells and put in the song Hells Bells by ACDC … He enjoyed it,” says Kimmel.

“We only made the mistake once where we actually left a gag in for the HBO playback,” laughed Blank.

Kimmel also recalled the final decision that Weiss and David Benioff made on the series. “You could see they were realizing that 13 years –that chapter was closing.”

Hosted by The Hollywood Reporter tech editor Carolyn Giardina, Behind the Screen features conversations with the talent behind the making of motion pictures and series, including directors, cinematographers, sound editors and mixers.

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