How To Create Ringtone For iPhone By Using iTunes

How To Create Ringtone For iPhone By Using iTunes

Iphoe has become a fashion symbol for mobile phones users. Almost every one of us from college goers to the older people, long to have an Apple’s iPhone, and it’s mainly because it’s hi-tech apps. One such app is to create ringtone by using iTunes.

So, when you are tired of hearing your old and boring ringtones, you can change it to music you already own.

Ringtone Star 1.7 for iOS, a major update to their highly rated Music app that permits users to create numerous ringtones, each up to forty seconds long form: songs from their iTunes Library, music from their iPod Library, music videos, etc. The app’s features also include music and video player (foreground or background), video to audio-only converter, automatic downloader, file sharing, folder-based music management, and email, Twitter, MMS, and Facebook connectivity.

These are simple steps to create a ringtone for your iPhone.


1. Launch iTunes

2. Select a song for which you want to create a ringtone.

3. Right click and click on get info. In the options tab, select the start and stop time for your ringtone. Keep it less than 35 seconds.

4. Now right click on the song and click on Convert to AAC. In this case, it will create a 30 second AAC file.

5. Now right click on newly created AAC file and click on show in explorer.

6. Rename the file with extension .m4r, eg. If your song name is songs.aac, rename it to song.m4r.



7. Now drag this song in your iTunes and from there drag this into your iPhone to make it a ringtone.

Hope above simple steps to take more control over making ringtone for iPhone. Don’t forget to share your way to create a ringtone.

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