How to use cloud storage?

How to use cloud storage?

WE SEARCH ON how to use cloud storage? In case you’re not entirely certain what ‘cloud storage’ is, it’s essentially a virtual place to save lots of Data online. It’s a web various to Associate in Nursing external Winchester drive or different storage hardware very. There square measure lots of ways that we are able to use our cloud storage. Here, build Use Of have shared ten ways that you’ll be able to use your cloud storage that you simply might not have thought.

One would assume that by currently we might have lined all the various ways that to place free cloud storage to use. we tend to here at have done our little. I place my very own brain cells on overdrive and came up with some uses of cloud storage that square measure inventive a number of months back. however we tend to all would like a relentless supply of inspiration, and North American countryually|it always} comes from the stories of others all around us.

When WE SEARCH ON remark cloud storage, it always comes all the way down to an encounter between the massive 3 – Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive. you’ll be able to throw into it too as a heavy player. Or Ubuntu One. Names could amendment, however, the common divisor is that we tend to use them for backup and collaboration. So, let’s attempt to realize some a lot of attention-grabbing ways that to replenish all the area they provide the US without charge.

As a Family History Vault…Interviews with Grandparents

I found this touching use of cloud storage whereas browsing through Dropbox – a hundred Million Thanks sub-site. whereas the bulk people use Dropbox and different cloud storage choices for backup and cooperative work, somebody was impressed to use it as an area to store family “jewels” – interviews with their great-grandparent encapsulating his history.

Save All Your Gmail Attachments to Google Drive

Aaron gave the US an in-depth walkthrough on exploitation to save lots of all of your Gmail attachments to Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Box. it’s one among the higher ways that to hide four cloud services with one application. features a free set up and 2 paid flavors. With, you’ll be able to additionally found out rules or filters to send specific files to specific folders. you’ll be able to found out 2 rules within the free set up.

You can additionally use straightforward Google Scripts to line up automatic workflows for saving file and image attachments to Google Drive. Digital Inspiration offers you 2 helpful scripts to send your Gmail attachments to Google Drive and additionally auto-save your Gmail image attachments to Google Drive. The latter is handy as a result of Google Drive will perform OCR on pictures and PDF files to extract text. Microsoft SkyDrive additionally has Associate in Nursing OCR feature. for example, if you’ve got a bunch of PDFs on Google Drive, you’ll be able to simply search through them from the search bar.

Keep Your Voice Memos on Dropbox

WE SEARCH ON DropVox is Associate in Nursing fitly named iOS app that records voice memos and sends it on to Dropbox. The app is straightforward in itself. With a single click, you’ll be able to capture your spoken ideas and reminders within the style of voice memos and auto-upload to Dropbox as compressed M4A file format. The app prices $1.99 within the iTunes Store.

Embed Video with Google Drive

WE SEARCH ON Google Drive could be a handy choice to select if you wish to transfer your own videos and embed them on a website or weblog. this is often a helpful possibility if you are doing not need to use YouTube or the other video hosting web site.

  •  Log into Google Drive. Click on transfer.
  • choose the video and click on on the Share button to alter viewing access from personal to Public if you wish to host it on a blog or website.
  • Right-click on the uploaded video file and choose Open with – Google Drive Viewer.
  • On the Google Drive Viewer page, choose File – embed this video. Copy-paste the embed code on your blog.

Use Google Drive as a File Previewer

WE SEARCH ON Google Drive is used as Associate in Nursing impromptu file viewer. presently it supports thirty file varieties. that has code file formats like—.CSS, .HTML, .PHP, .C, .CPP, .H, .HPP, .JS. you’ll be able to read.ZIP and.RAR formats additionally. If you’ve got a file meant for a vector illustration program and it’s not put in, strive gap the come in Google Drive. It will open Adobe artist (.AI) and ascendable vector graphics (.SVG) files. a similar workaround applies for AutoCAD (.DXF) files additionally.

Supported file varieties that square measure twenty-five MB or less is viewed and written if needed. to look at a file, click on the file’s title in Google Drive. See the list of supported file varieties.

Use Dropbox as a Wallpaper Repository

Mark talked regarding Desktoppr back in 2012 once it had been giving out beta-invites. It still could be a useful gizmo for dominant the looks of your desktop wallpaper with the assistance of Dropbox. As Dropbox is platform-agnostic, Desktoppr works with nearly every OS. you’ll be able to sign-in and connect Desktoppr to a “Wallpaper” folder in your Dropbox when due authorization. The folder is updated with the most recent wallpapers. you’ll be able to additionally transfer your own wallpapers to Desktoppr by adding your own pictures to a Desktoppr wallpaper folder within Dropbox. The wallpapers are synced by the online app for public viewing.

Set your Dropbox wallpaper folder because of the default image Location. On Windows, move to control board – look – Personalization.

Use Dropbox as a Wallpaper Repository

Yes, you’ll be able to try this currently with Forms on Google Drive. in a very latest update, you’ll be able to embed a YouTube video within a kind and build a lot of interactive quizzes and questionnaires.

Send Out Quick Excel Surveys

WE SEARCH ON Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive square measure ideal for making and redaction documents. Ryan showed one among the most effective uses for SkyDrive once he talked regarding exploitation SkyDrive and therefore the OneNote net app for on-line analysis. surpass surveys square measure another robust feature of SkyDrive. you’ll be able to simply use them to set up events, take a poll, produce category quizzes, gather feedback etc.

  •  Log into
  • Click on the produce button and opt for surpass survey.
  •  Enter the name of your survey and add queries.
  • Share the survey (you may also shorten the URL).
  •  Answers to the survey query square measure collated on Associate in Nursing surpass computer program.
  •  embed the spreadsheets on a webpage, or produce surpass reports out of them.

Newspaper Clippings and Comic Strips

WE SEARCH ON There square measure still some things that don’t get revealed online. Newspaper clippings are one such. There square measure articles that I don’t realize any on-line copies for. successive smartest thing – use a camera to scan the copy and convert it into a graphic for on-line keeping. as an example, our leading national daily features a weekly monetary recommendation column. The accumulation of that data goes into a Dropbox folder marked as “Financial Lessons”. Another sensible issue is that a similar newspaper additionally publishes the precise newspaper copy as Associate in Nursing e-paper. That additionally makes it convenient to require a screenshot of the aforementioned articles.

Comic strips square measure the staple of childhood. My old friend for them in all probability took root from those on Page a pair of our newspaper. because of them, I will indulge my love by keeping the most effective strips from Dilbert to Garfield as JPEG files on a cloud folder.

Where Do You Keep All Your Favorite Infographics

I tend to fall taken with cooked infographics. There square measure many who revolve around a favorite personal hobby – photography. These photography infographics aren’t solely educational, however, are cheat-sheets. Cloud storage offers Pine Tree State an area to possess them shut at hand and everyone the free area to stock them at leisure. I may also access them from my mobile after I am out and regarding with my camera.

Let’s review some a lot of tips we tend to lined antecedently. Justin showed the US a way to adjust Associate in Nursing eBook library with Dropbox among different things. He once more went back to point out however Dropbox is wont to adjust calendars and begin BitTorrent downloads remotely. Bakari gave US 10 a lot of uses of Dropbox we tend to hadn’t thought of them. Some a lot of realizing mention on our free Dropbox guide.

It looks like Dropbox gets all the eye, however, if cloud storage is seen as a stocking and forwarding area, then square measure sure several innovative ways that to use all of them. I’m certain you’ve got a number of them in mind. That’s what the comment area is for. provide the US with your best tips and a few a lot of you’re thinking that ought to be potential however don’t savvy, however. we are going to figure them out. Also, tell the US regarding your cloud storage of selection.

WE SEARCH ON Written by Saikat Basu. Saikat could be a techno-adventurer in a very writer’s garb. once he’s not scouring information superhighway for technical school news, you’ll be able to catch him trying to find life hacks and learning tidbits. you’ll be able to realize him on Google+ & Twitter looking over the globe.

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