How One Photographer Won Apple’s shot on iPhone challenge

How One Photographer Won Apple’s shot on iPhone challenge

Let take a look Back in February, and Apple reported the famous victors of its first-since forever Shot on iPhone photography challenge. Professional photographer Andrew Griswold was one of the best and expert photographers that have known as ten winners, and he’s currently sharing a stunning behind the scenes view at how he won the overall world best challenge.

Griswold, a full-time workmanship executive or art director and independent freelance and very famous as commercial photographer who is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, has propelled another digital broadcast for creative called Just Outside the Art-board, and for the main scene and first episode, he recounts to the story behind both the challenge and his triumphant photo-shot:

If you might remember, Apple’s launch it’s a debut photograph challenge commenced with a touch of contention back in January 2019 after picture takers saw that there was no notice of any permitting charge in the challenge’s terms and conditions. Apple immediately explained things by affirming that triumphant picture takers would be paid for their photographs to be utilized in the organization’s overall promoting.

Griswold learned the challenge first, and after that, he read out about the debate or controversy. After glancing through his Instagram for his best iPhone photographs, he presented a few shots to the challenge by utilizing the suitable hashtags via web-based networking or social media.

After a few days, he got an email that indicated to be from Apple. While that the message looked amazingly fishy and shifty — Griswold portrays it as resembling a “recover letter” — he answered to it in case it was truly Apple as he was surprised and it was Apple.

Griswold summited 40 or 50 photographs, 21 of them were chosen for the management consideration and to made final decision, as indicated by what Apple told Griswold. Some of them were immediately rejected for being shot out of the required time as that they were caught with the use of outsider or 3rd party lenses.


After trimming down all pictures, Apple answered Griswold that just one would be chosen for final attention of management. Griswold was also required to consent to non-exposure arrangements as he advanced through the rounds of thought before inevitably being informed that he was a finalist.

On February 26th before the winner was announced, Griswold didn’t know about he has won this challenge until a friend told him that his photo had been selected as a featured on the Today show.

Griswold was winning photo shot from inside his car on a rainy day, and it showed crystal-like raindrops on the car window that were containing tiny views of a graffitied from the outside wall.

Griswold adds that this winning challenge hasn’t changed his life only one night – he’s gained some new followers and exposure on social media. Unfortunately, it has been far from instant recognition and prosperity.

“These kinds of things don’t help you push up and don’t make you ‘acclaimed, ‘famous,'” he further says. “It just helps to next chances and open to future opportunities. It might come along these lines or that way, yet it’s a proceeded with push to need more for yourself and to guide yourself toward the right path you need to go.”

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