Recover Deleted Message On iPhone

Recover Deleted Message On iPhone

Sometimes, we accidentally deleted text messages from our mobile phone which we don’t want to, and we rise to recover them again. So, if you have deleted a message and want it back, then you can try Undelete SMS which happens to be a new tweak in Cydia.

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You may be wondering what UndeletedSMS and what Cydia is? UndeletedSMS is a paid Cydia application that can recover deleted messages from your Apple mobile phones or so to say, iOS device’s Spotlight or SMS database. There is no guarantee that this will work as it is depended on crumbs to gather lost data.

It is rather quite simple to use this app. What you need to do is just launch the application and tab the Okay button. Once it collects whatever data it can gain its sight on, it will output the same in a text form. You can copy and paste it into your notepad or better send an email to you if the recovered data is very important.

The app will cost you around $6.99 to buy; hence you may not want to install it on your device or mobile phone. But, is not it better than to delete a message which you don’t want to get deleted? If you consider yourself too careless to delete an important message from your smartphone inbox, then this app will be the right choice. Recovering deleted messages also depends on how quickly you respond to “no, I deleted an important message” and then fire up this app. Because once the data is overwritten in Spotlight and other SMS databases, there’s no point in using this app.

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