Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched on 6 September 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched on 6 September 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched on 6 September 2019

Samsung’s id going to lunching first foldable phone that will surely go on sale on Friday September 2019 after problems postponed its opening release.

The Galaxy Fold will be available to buy on 6 September in South Korea, and also followed by few selected countries such as the UK, The US, and Singapore.

Previously on release day the price nearly $2,000 (£1,634) and the device in April was suspended after early reviewers reported broken screens.

Samsung has been also hastening to promotion the smartphone folding before its rivals.

In July the top ranked company said that it had made “developments and many improvement” to the device and planned for the Galaxy Fold phone to go on release sale in September.

It comes as the Samsung Company has seen profits forward roll during a broader industry slowdown, weighed down by the US-China trade war.

Samsung is knowns as the world’s biggest smartphone and best quality memory chip maker, it is also in news the company is facing rising competition from competitors like Chinese tech company Huawei.

It is also circumnavigating conceivable disturbance to its memory chip business from a line of work row between Japan and South Korea.

As Per news Huawei company has become the second-largest smartphone selling company in the world according to report last year and also lunch folding smartphone in 2019.

Earlier this year, you also heard about Chinese technology firm Xiaomi revealed a prototype of a folding smartphone that easy transforms into a tablet. Now, we are all waiting for Samsung Galaxy Fold!

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