What Is Domain?

What is a Domain?

A domain name is your website name. {a domain|a web site|a site} name is that the address wherever net users will access your website. a site name is employed for locating and distinguishing computers on the net. Computers use information science addresses, that area unit a series of variety. However, it’s tough for humans to recollect strings of numbers. as a result of this, domain names were developed and accustomed to determine entities on the net instead of exploitation information science addresses.

A domain name may be any combination of letters and numbers, and it may be utilized in combination of the varied name extensions, such as .com, .net and a lot of.

The name should be registered before you’ll be able to use it. each name is exclusive. No 2 websites will have an equivalent name. If somebody varieties WWW.yourdomain.comin , it’ll head to your website and nobody else’s.

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